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Still no decision on CIPC

Still no decision on CIPC

Further to our last update in July, there was no significant progress on the European Commission’s proposal for non-renewal of chlorpropham (CIPC) at the latest meeting of the Standing Committee (SCoPAFF) held on 24 &25 October. A further meeting will take place in December, when a vote on non-renrewal may take place

A statement has been issued by the CIPC Task Force (approval holders Aceto, Certis, UPL and partner Arysta) stating that it remains in discussion with Member States and the European Commission to try to find a possible solution to safeguard the continued use of CIPC.

Treatments for the 2018-2019 season must be in accordance with the currently authorised uses, i.e. 36g/t for processing, 24g/t for fresh market but just 12g/t where storage is at less than 5°C. Stewardship is essential to comply with label requirements and to minimise the risk of any MRL exceedances. Visit the Be CIPC Compliant website for more information.

Have you previously used CIPC in your stores?

Ahead of a potential change in sprout suppressant availability and the consequences that this could have on MRLs, AHDB is funding work to determine what the likely CIPC residue levels of potatoes are when stored in buildings where the chemical has been used previously. For this we are specifically looking for stores which have a CIPC history but where other, non-CIPC sprout suppressants or no chemicals are now being used. These stores will include a range of designs and markets (storage temperature) and will ideally – but not exclusively – be in the South Lincolnshire, North Cambridgeshire and West Norfolk areas. Results will be used to inform regulators, with a view to obtaining an MRL concentration that can be achieved in commercial potato stores and will therefore not impact potato trading.

If you have such a store and are interested in participating, please get in touch with Adrian Briddon at SBCSR on 01406 359412 or via email at