Sprout suppression series: 3-decen-2-one

Last in the Sprout Suppression Series is the volatile oily liquid 3-decen-2-one. Available as SmartBlock™from approval holders Amvac, it is currently only approved for use in USA, Canada and Israel. EU Annex 1 registration is underway.

The volatile-oily liquid is already used as a flavouring additive in the food industry. As a sprout suppressant, it acts on actively growing cells and gives long periods of residual sprout control. Similarly to other sprout suppressant volatiles, it is best applied as a hot fog. Efficacy trials at the French research institute Arvalis have shown that timing of application and temperature conditions in store have an effect on the efficacy of the active. At the lower tested temperature (4 °C), a single application (100 mL/tonne) at dormancy break was sufficient to control sprouting over eight months. At the higher tested temperature (7.5 °C), three application at the same dosage were necessary. Tubers with longer sprouts are likely to require an increased dosage. Trials at Sutton Bridge CSR have shown good efficacy at storage temperatures typical for crisping cultivars.

In the USA, 50 % of the fresh pack market has been reported to be treated with SmartBlock™.

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