Roots to Resilience: Farmers

Unlock your business’s full potential by taking a step back from the day-to-day to focus on your future.

Farming is changing, and you want to know the best way to move your business forward  

In recognition of this, we have set up a new programme called Roots to Resilience. This starts with a three-day workshop on 13–15 December 2023 near Sutton Coldfield.

The workshop will incorporate the world-renowned Ranching for Profit course, to provide you with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to identify your business aims and plan your future goals.

Key takeaways

  • Identify worry areas to address
  • Improve communication at home and in your business 
  • Establish clear goals and a shared vision for you, your family and your business  
  • Understand your farm accounts
  • Apply the three secrets for increasing profit to your farm
  • Develop a clear, implementable plan to help you achieve your goals

We understand that the reason for farming is different for everyone and is not always linked to how much profit you make. Importantly, the course will also incorporate the environmental and social aspects of farming systems. 

Dallas Mount

This three-day people- and business-focused workshop will be delivered by Dallas Mount, owner of Ranch Management Consultants, home of the world-renowned Ranching for Profit course. Dallas will bring to life his expertise and insight to support all areas of your farming needs.

Throughout the lifetime of Ranching for Profit, Dallas has worked with farmers across the USA, Canada and Australia to help them create profitable businesses, with healthy land and happy families. Dallas holds degree qualifications from Colorado State University and operates his own livestock ranch in Wyoming, USA.

To ensure you get the most from the course, it is essential that you commit to spending three full days away from your farm. See this time away as an investment in your future! 

A few words from Dallas Mount (YouTube, less than a minute)

Join our waiting list 

This event has sold out but you can still join our waiting list should places become available.

Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for this unique opportunity to invest in your farming business now and beyond.

Once on the waiting list, if a place becomes available you will be contacted by the eventbrite booking site; you will have 24 hours to accept the place and make payment.

If you are a levy payer from Scotland or Wales, please contact

The ongoing Roots to Resilience programme is available to all levy payers and will include future events. Please ensure you’re following our social channels and that you are subscribed to receive our emails for news and updates.


The cost for the workshop is £311.17 (excluding VAT). This includes all training materials, meals, accommodation and refreshments for the duration of the workshop.

Businesses who wish to book more than one place (up to a maximum of three) can receive a 10% discount please use the discount code MULTI10.

What the course will cover

Day one: paradigms and economic model  

  • Differentiate between working in the business (the £10/hour work) vs working on the business (the £1,000/hour jobs)
  • Apply the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule)
  • Paradigms and their importance to decision making
  • Develop the economic model by starting a farm from scratch
  • Apply the three secrets for increasing profit to your farm
  • Determine how accounts should be organised for your farm
  • Begin the search for breakthroughs for your farm

Day two: applying the economic model and people 

  • Apply the economic model to an example farm
  • Explore livestock depreciation and what can be done about it
  • Use the results of the economic model to explore alternatives
  • Draw out ideas, opinions, facts and feelings from others in non-threatening ways to improve communication at home and in your business 
  • Establish clear goals for you, your family and your business
  • Define roles and performance targets for everyone who works in and on your farm
  • Hold people (including yourself) accountable for results without damaging relationships
  • Develop a management succession plan that ensures continuity into the future
  • Prepare the next generation for management authority and responsibility
  • Develop and implement a plan to achieve your goals

Day three: strategic planning and implementation 

  • Develop a business structure that fits your environment and works with nature’s cycles
  • Compare the profitability of alternative production strategies for enterprises
  • Find strategies to effectively manage worry areas
  • Experience first-hand the value of having an objective, experienced board of peer advisors
  • Draft a plan to apply Ranching for Profit principles to the challenges facing your farm
  • Determine a policy for working on your business on a regular basis
  • Finalise your plan to apply Ranching for Profit principles to your farm

Virtual check-in sessions in 2024

Delivery of the course will include four quarterly virtual check-in sessions in 2024 with Ranching for Profit.

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