Help Push Pulled Pork: Share the message

From 22nd April, we are launching a new Pulled Pork campaign, which will be running for six weeks in-store, online and in print to support sales of pork shoulder.

We think Pulled Pork is one of the tastiest and easiest ways to enjoy pork.

Here are some assets we’ve created you can use for free

Here is the #MakeItPulledPork #PerfectPulledPork campaign web page

We’d love to hear what rubs and flavours you pair with your pork shoulders to make the perfect pulled pork. Share your secrets on social media and include #PerfectPulledPork for how you achieve the perfect crackling, what you do with your leftover pulled pork and if you are an oven or slow cooker advocate!

Pulled Pork is such a fantastic and easy dish to cook at home, ideal for busy hectic lives! Get involved with our Pulled Pork campaign by using #PerfectPulledPork and #MakeItPulledPork

Sharing Pulled Pork recipe ideas

We love Pulled Pork, and have many delicious recipes available on our LovePork website, including a whole section on what to do with leftovers (if you have any!).

Visit LovePork’s Pulled Pork recipe collection 

Check out how to make a classic pulled pork rub

Learn how to create the perfect crackling

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Why do we need a Pulled Pork Campaign right now?

The campaign is a response to a reported excess of shoulder joints on the UK market, due in part to the loss of foodservice outlets, which usually account for 14% of all pork volume sales in the UK.

The marketing activity champions Pulled Pork, the dish made by using the pork shoulder joint - will run for six weeks across digital and traditional advertising channels.

The consumer website, Lovepork, will act as the hub for all campaign information, which will provide recipe inspiration for consumers and useful hints and tips on how to make the perfect pulled pork.