Unearth your Strengths

The launch of Farmbench comes at a significant time as AHDB delivers the 2017-2020 strategy:

‘Inspiring our farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world’.

It is becoming more and more important for farmers and growers to compete with the best in the world and a key part of competitiveness is controlling the cost of production.

Benchmarking enables farmers to make informed business decisions by comparing performance data with other enterprises. The real value comes when farmers share data in AHDB facilitated on-farm discussion group meetings.  

Farmbench will be open for new users after harvest this year.  Current users of existing benchmarking tools in the beef, sheep, potatoes and arable enterprises should now contact their regional officer for support with inputting data into this new system. 

For more information about the system or to contact a regional officer and get access to this benchmarking programme, please visit the website at


Watch our videos below to see how farmers are using this tool to understand their cost of production and performance and start to build resilient business plans.