Premier Steak Night

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the foodservice industry in the UK – and across much of the world – has had to close, leaving a huge hole in the economy and an army of chefs with no one to cook for.   

AHDB estimates that between April and June 2020 there were 2.5 billion fewer eating out occasions in the UK.

With around 20% of beef consumed in the eating-out market - the majority of which are higher-end steak cuts - these closures have led to a supply & demand imbalance in the industry. One way AHDB  addressed this carcass imbalance  was the launch of its recent Make It Steak campaign, designed to inspire and give consumers the confidence to cook their favourite restaurant meal at home. The campaign sees AHDB join with other levy boards in Scotland & Wales in order to pool resources and create a greater impact.

To amplify the campaign the Quality Schemes team devised an innovative and unique first for the industry. Avid sports fans themselves, and fully aware of the chef talent these huge sporting venues attract, the Premier Steak Night was born. 

The activity sees two chefs from rival sporting teams go head-to-head through a steak dish ‘cook off’.  Once cooked, both steak dishes are posted on social media via QSM’s twitter channel @qsm_beeflamb and a public vote is held over a 48 hour window on which dish looks most appealing, and of course to support their club or team!

To date, six teams have clashed cloches, culminating in an international between England v Scotland on the 5 June. Over 500 votes were cast to crown Scotland the victor, with its classic Beef Wellington made with Fillet steak.  You can listen to the podcast of the two head chefs talking about the activity here and what their ‘normal’ working day usually consists of.

Reflecting on the activity, Karl Pendlebury said: “The sheer volumes of quality British beef the chefs are usually preparing and cooking is mind blowing, with up to 10,000 covers in one venue on a match day – featuring beef as a menu option, and serving around 2,000 steaks.  By bringing together talented chefs working for foodservice companies within sporting clubs and arenas, all with a huge loyal fan base, and who want to see their team win – even if it is in the kitchen, rather than on the pitch - we are reaching consumers in a new and innovative way.”

The activity has reached an estimated audience of 385,000 on Twitter in the last six weeks, with additional exposure in trade & local media and across Facebook & Instagram.  This ‘bit of fun’ competition is bringing exciting steak dishes, made by top chefs to the masses, continuing to inspire consumers to cook and eat steak at home.  Soon, football will be switched to tennis, and lamb will be served centre court, as this activity continues to join together high-profile chefs with consumers looking to ace mealtimes.

If you would like to get involved, please contact