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Brexit: A no-deal summary for the potatoes industry

Brexit: A no-deal potato summary

Considerable volumes of potatoes are both imported and exported to the EU. Use the information on this page to understand the impact a no-deal Brexit scenario could have on the UK potato industry.

No-deal Brexit explained

In the event of a no deal exit, both tariff and non-tariff barriers will come to bear.

  • Non-tariff barriers - the UK would be unable to export seed potatoes into the EU until the UK is granted third country equivalency. Varieties registered on UK National Lists but not the EU Common Catalogue would no longer be marketable in the EU. Read more about what Brexit could mean for potato markets.
  • Tariff barriers - tariffs would apply to all destinations. The EU has a tariff free arrangement with Egypt and Morocco but after GB leaves the EU, these agreements would no longer be applicable. If current tariff rates stand, these would be 2% to Egypt and 2.5% to Morocco. For EU destinations, if third country equivalance is granted, allowing for exports from GB to the EU to resume, a tariff of 4.5% would apply. This is based on current tariff rates and assumes no trade deal is in place. Read more about individual tariff rates.
UK and EU import tariffs for agricultural goods


Brexit: What now for UK farming?

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