Potatoes – The Big Short

Warning! This video debunks Potato health myths

The humble spud, a well-loved staple in the UK diet with around 1.3m tonnes eaten a year.  Yet one of the country’s favourite veggies is still misunderstood by the masses.  Myths around potatoes being fattening and high in sugar, or that ‘cutting carbs’ is healthier are misleading and damaging the potato’s reputation.

AHDB therefore created a short video to put the record straight. Based on a scene from the hit film ‘The Big Short’ where Margot Robbie explains complex finance terminology whilst sitting in a bubble bath, AHDB enlisted comedienne Donna Preston to talk about the positives of potatoes!  

“Our target audience was 18 to 30 year olds, so we knew we needed to communicate with them in an engaging way that resonated with them.” Said Nicola Dodd, marketing manager at AHDB.  “We wanted to dispel the myths and give this young audience some key facts about the nutrients and health benefits of consuming potatoes, but in a fun and entertaining way.

Working with a specialist agency who provides news, entertainment and comedy to audiences on social media and online helped AHDB to create engaging content which appealed to this audience and encourage them to share it with their peers. 

Warning: Whilst this approach may not appeal to all, it certainly proved a hit with the target audience! To date, the campaign has delivered 1.5m impressions, was viewed by 514,000 people with 2,500 social engagements and an engagement rate of 0.7% (outperforming their benchmark level of 0.5%).

Ever eaten potatoes? This is. important.