GB planted area by variety

Updated 16 October 2020
This information shows the total GB area planted to potatoes broken down by variety. Using the interactive tool below you can see year-on-year changes in planted area by specific variety. 

The total 2020 planted GB area (revised estimate) is 117.47Kha. This updated estimate indicates a drop in planted area of 2.3% compared to last year and represents the GB area covered by over 90% of producers. This puts the planted area for 2020 as the third smallest on record, behind only 2015 and 2016. The driving force behind the drop is mainly the processing sector, but also the fresh bags sector with a combined reduction of 4.1Kha.

GB planted potato area by variety 2020

Additional information

Planted area by variety is based on levy return data and is published annually once 60% of levy returns have been submitted. The data is updated as more levy returns come in.