Potato Lifting Progress

Use our interactive tool below to discover lifting progress across Great Britain. You can also select regional detail to see the latest update for lifting in your local area. Progress is reported against total area of surveyed regions, including earlies but excluding seed.


By 29 September, 38% of the total GB potato area had been lifted. The majority of earlies were harvested across all regions and the lifting of maincrop varieties now underway.

The lifting conditions during September were generally good, although on the dry side early in the month. The dry conditions affected most regions, with little rainfall seen through to WE22 September. WE29 September saw a change in weather, with many regions receiving rainfall. Average rainfall for September was 70mm, which was enough to make lifting conditions a little easier for many. However, rainfall was patchy in nature, with some areas receiving localised heavy downpours, whilst others saw very little.

The overall quality of crops is good, with few reports of issues.

Based on crops lifted to date, the national yield estimate is currently between 46-50t/ha. Early indications suggest maincrop yields are slightly above the five-year average in most regions.

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