Free-buy prices

Understanding your end-market is key to making profitable business decisions. In our Potato Weekly newsletter we publish the latest free-by prices by region and sector from across GB. We are currently developing an interactive dashboard for historic free-buy price information by region and by sector to help inform marketing decisions.

Additional information

How do we collect prices for AHDB’s Potato Weekly report?

Potato Weekly prices and market information is collected from a phone and email survey of around 40 purchasers and growers each week.

On a Wednesday or Thursday, our analysts call industry contacts to collect prices and get an understanding of trade each week. We contact industry stakeholders operating in different market sectors and regions so that we get a good representation of trade across the country.  This includes merchants, processors, packers, grower groups and growers.

Prices are collected as individual quotes on a free-buy ex-farm basis only. These quotes are then amalgamated to give anonymous price information. We use a minimum of 3 prices from 3 seperate contributors for every price we publish to ensure validity.

This is published in the tables in Potato Weekly on a Friday each week. These quotes cover the period Saturday to Friday.  

We do not collect tonnage information in this survey.

What do the prices in the Potato Weekly price tables mean?

  1. Lowest price - this is the lowest price quoted by our survey contacts for a particular variety or market sector, in the specified time period

  2. Median* price - this is the midpoint of all price quotes collected for a particular variety or market sector, in the specified time period

  3. Highest price - this is the highest price quoted by our survey contacts, for a particular variety or market sector in the specified time period

We show the prices in this format (lowest, median and highest) so that we can show the range in prices due to quality or location differences.  This gives a more accurate representation of prices achieved, than if just one price was quoted per variety or market sector.  Explanatory comments are published in the tables in the ‘Notes’ column.

For prices with a smaller sample size only the median value will be displayed to ensure contributor anonymity. 

* Definition: The ‘median’ is the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample. For a data set, it may be thought of as the "middle" value. 

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If you would like to know more about our data collection methods, or if you are able to contribute our price survey or provide market information, then please contact