Cultivation and planting: Potatoes

Adequate cultivation and planting methods must be followed in order to achieve maximum yield for your potatoes. The information below offers more guidance and advice for this stage in the process. 


Pre-planting decisions for desiccation

After the loss of Diquat, it is important to learn about the decisions you can take during planting that could help you later at the desiccation stage.

Find out more about the best planting strategy to help you with desiccation by reading the article and listening to the podcast. 

Podcast speakers: 

  • Will Gagg, SPot Farm North host
  • Bill Watts, David Wilson and Harry Henderson from the Knowledge Exchange team
  • Adrian Cunnington, Sutton Bridge – Head of Crop Storage Research, on preparing for storing without CIPC
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Late planting – what do you need to know

It has been one of the wettest winters on record – but the key message from the experts is 'don't panic'.

Patience and risk mitigation now can help prevent poor results come harvest.

AHDB Senior Knowledge Exchange manager Graham Bannister shares advice and key risks associated with the timing of planting in Late potato planting – patience now can result in better yields.

Seed spacing – how it can increase potato product

This video from our Strategic Farm Scotland looked at seed spacing. Farm manager Kerr Howatson talks about how different measurements affected his crop.

Read our guidelines below to learn more about how taking the right decision during the planting stage can increase potato product and also reduce waste and lower seed-related costs.

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