Potato market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest market information is crucial for all in the potato industry. Potato Weekly will provide a regular update on prices and markets in your region and sector. Our Analyst Insight articles will delve deeper into the domestic and international markets to add clarity and insight to potato markets.

Potato Weekly

18 September 2020

• Contracted material has accounted for the vast majority of trade taking place over the last week. Free-buy markets remain lacklustre overall.

11 September 2020

This week has seen free-buy trade fall once again. Movement of supplies on contract continues to hold the majority in potato markets. Repeat orders, in some cases with lower volumes, form the common comments this week rather than fresh demand.

4 September 2020

The week has been described as relatively quiet across the board, with many supplies across all sector utilised mainly on contract.

28 August 2020

Bags prices have remained somewhat stable week-on-week although free-buy markets have remained slow with contracted material continuing to be utilised.

21 August 2020

Free-buy markets continue to see pressure on prices. Increasingly available supply for markets has met a widespread muted level of demand.

14 August 2020

Free-buy markets are still somewhat pressured this week.

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Analyst Insight

11 September 2020

From the end of March, through the beginning of the ‘new crop’ season back in July and for the near future, prices for chipping material have fallen to lower levels than in previous season openings. We examine the supply and demand side for chipping markets.

4 September 2020

Processing potatoes supply is still outweighing the reduced demand on the domestic market.

4 September 2020

Trade during August remained at relatively low levels throughout the month, similarly to July.

14 August 2020

The latest HMRC trade data covers up to June 2020 giving the full season of July-June 2019/20.

7 August 2020

July trade has picked up slightly after a particularly quiet June. The foodservice sector has re-opened in England and Scotland, but demand has remained subdued as consumer confidence takes time to rebuild.

17 July 2020

Latest data shows both imports and exports season-to-date (Jul-May) were down compared to both last year and the 3-year average.