Potato Lifting Progress

Use our interactive tool below to discover lifting progress across Great Britain. You can also select regional detail to see the latest update for lifting in your local area. Maincrop progress is reported against total area of surveyed regions, including earlies but excluding seed.


The main start to lifting was WE17 September, with occasional crops lifted during the fortnight before. By the end of this week, 8% of the surveyed area had been lifted, with a good start made in the East of England, West Midlands and Scotland. Small areas had also been lifted in parts of the East Midlands and Yorkshire. Steady progress was made during WE24 September, with a further 7% of the surveyed area cleared.

Current estimated national yield ranges between 44-46t/ha.

Farm yields range from 15-75t/ha. The East Midlands has reported some of the poorest yields, from crops affected by June’s heavy rainfall. This resulted in partial crop failures and high level of defects for some. However, some of the best yields also came from the East Midlands, from locations not affected by the heavy rainfall.

Overall, quality is good. Good skin finish and low levels of wastage are reported throughout. September’s dry conditions for most of England increased the risk of bruising. However, they also reduced blight pressure ad allowed spray programmes to be applied at the appropriate times.