Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee

AHDB Potatoes Lead: Dr Sue Cowgill


Nominated potatoes board member TBC  Chair
Chris Yardley Seed
David Nelson Packer
Paul Coleman Packer
Mark Taylor Packer
Tony Bambridge Grower
Colin Bradley Grower
Michael Bubb Grower
Matt Smallwood Processor
Jo Magrath Agronomist
Denise A'hara Scottish Govt
Michael Welham Grower
Dr Luke Spadavecchia DEFRA
Sophie Churchill Ex Officio
RKE Committee terms of reference

Sutton Bridge Advisory Committee

AHDB Potatoes Lead: Adrian Cunnington


Jonathan Papworth Potato Sector Board Member (Chair)
Archie Gibson Seed Grower
Graeme Byers Technical Director - Processing
Mark Means Ware Grower
Sophie Churchill Potato Sector Board Chair (Ex Officio)
Will Shakeshaft Potato Sector Board Member
Peter Kettlewell Scientific Advisor
Mike Storey Scientific Advisor
Mark Taylor Fresh Potato Suppliers Assoication
Sutton Bridge Advisory Committee terms of reference