P1903295: AHDB Research Call: Bacterial Pathogens of UK Crops - Questions & Answers

A: Yes, they can bid for any number of the objectives, but they should consider that the budget is defined to cover the full work programme, and therefore they should not allocate the full budget to a certain elements of the work.  If this approach is taken, proposers should provide a breakdown of costs per objective to enable comparison of included work between tenders.

A: Yes, this does sound like a sensible approach, however any contractor intending to take this route should detail in their application how they would cover the work programme with the additional external funding e.g. what additional aspects would be covered, but also how the work would be covered if the external proposal was not successful.  This would enable AHDB to ensure that the remit of the call was fulfilled.

A: The total budget for the delivery of the full programme of work is £200,000.  Should proposals for work covering a selected number of objectives be received, these should not request the full budget, but a proportion of it.  AHDB may, if they deem this the best way to deliver the work effectively, build a consortium of contractors each delivering selected parts of the overall programme detailed in the tender specification.