P1801286: Ornamental Horticulture Sector Skills Survey - Questions and Answers

A: Page 9 is for costs by type which I assume will be largely staff costs and any associated overheads, the form is designed to cover both experimental and desk based work.  The commissioning sector (part j) of the costs table is Horticulture.  Please use section 4.1.2 to provide the detail by phase/activity and use the top box in the table to add detail that doesn’t easily fit elsewhere in the table – the greater the clarity on costing the clearer we are able to provide an assessment against this criterion.

A: It is up to the applicant to propose how the contacts will be identified – we can’t provide an answer to this prior to assessments taking place.  It would make sense to relevant contacts about how to achieve this in advance as evidence of capacity to undertake the work as advertised.