AHDB Potatoes Next Generation Programme - how to apply

Applications are currently closed

The application period runs from November - February .

Applications are competitive - we will be looking for you to show a committment to the future of your company and the industry, as well as demonstrating how you will use what they learn.

How to apply

Applications are by video, here's how to do it:

  1. Record a short video of yourself explaining why you want to join the programme, and what you feel you could add to the process
  2. Upload it to YouTube, or any other video sharing platform - remember to post it as 'unlisted' so that it can't be found by anyone other than those you share the link with
  3. Send it to us via jimmy.phillips@ahdb.org.uk, and include your name, email address, phone number, business name, region and who from your organisation is sponsoring your participation in the scheme

What we're looking for

Dynamic future leaders who love potatoes, love agriculture and want to make our industry a better place to work - for everyone.

As well as looking for enthusiastic candidates with good communication skills. We'll mark your video under four main criteria:

  1. Passion and enthusiasm for potatoes and the agricultural industry
  2. How your participation will benefit your farm/organisation/region
  3. Your vision for the future of the potato industry, and how taking part in the Next Generation Scheme could help
  4. What you will bring to the programme and what others in the group could learn from you

Applications and questions

To jimmy.phillips@ahdb.org.uk