VIDEO: Potato Storage, CIPC and Sprout Control Update, March 2019

Friday, 8 March 2019

We understand that a vote was taken on the Commission’s proposal for non-renewal of Chlorpropham (CIPC) at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed last week. No Qualified majority was reached in favour of the proposal. The EU Commission can now decide to move the existing proposal forward to an Appeal Committee or to propose the existing or an altered proposal at a next Standing Committee meeting.

We've been touring Britian with our Storage Roadshow and storage talks at Strategic Farm events, to update you on the rapidly evolving situation.

Missed the events? Below Adrian Cunnington discusses the latest situation with Rob Clayton.

Adrian's key points:


  • “The record of products coming out of the appeals process is not good, it is likely that we will lose CIPC in the next two seasons
  • “Any use-up period will be decided by each individual nation, within a maximum timeframe by the EU, this is yet to be decided. While there is no guarantee of any use-up period, 15 months would be typical – so one storage season.”

Maleic Haydrazide:

  • New label issued in November, potatoes treated with MH under the new label cannot currently be fed to livestock or turned into stock-feed.”
  • “There are reports of some potato buyers announcing that they will not take crop treated by MH – it is important to check your customer’s policy.”

Adrian and Rob also discussed:

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