Potato growers ask questions and challenge the work being done by AHDB (PODCAST)

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

What do I get for my levy? A question that we have tried to get answered in our latest podcast episode. 
In this episode we speak to three levy payers about areas of AHDB’s most important and valuable work: marketing, storage and SPot farms. 

First part - Marketing

  • Alison Levett – AHDB Potatoes Interim Chair 
  • Nicola Dodd – Senior Marketing Manager for Diary and Crops 
  • Michael Welham  - Farm Manager for Fairfields Farming Company

Second part - Storage 

  • Adrian Cunnington – Head of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research 
  • Tim Rooke  - Grower North Yorkshire

Third part - SPot farms

  • Tim Isaac - Knowledge Exchange Director
  • Danny Nichols - grower from Beeswax Farming