The AHDB Potato Showcase week 6th – 9th July 2020

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The potato industry would usually gather over the course of the summer at events held across the country. Due to the current restrictions our Knowledge Exchange team will deliver  a series of online events to share information directly to your desktop or mobile device.

A week dedicated to the potato industry 

The Potato Knowledge Exchange team is holding week long programme of online events covering topics ranging from agronomic management to future solutions and market dynamic. The latest research information from AHDB will be presented together with updates on farm trials at our strategic potato farms. These  would usually have been showcased in our field activities.

The week has been designed to showcase our wide range of services and how they mirror your work on farm. Join us for our first webinar which will provide  an update on the current potato market. Learn about how our long term research plans interact with the agronomy challenges you face on farm while our final webinar on Thursday, introduces our Strategic Potato Farms and the growers that host them.


Monday 6th July 15.30-17.00

Join our Market Intelligence team to see what is happening in your market as well as hearing about our first planted area estimate for the 2020 season. We will also provide an overview of the current European market situation from Cedric Porter, Managing Editor at World Potato Markets, as well as an update on the latest AHDB marketing activity with Nicola Dodd.

Host: Amber Barton

Guests:Nicola Dodd, Alice Bailey, Cedric Porter

Tuesday 7th July 15.00-16.30

Be among the first to put ideas into practice based on AHDB research programmes, as you hear the latest project updates from the researchers, growers and agronomists involved with them.

Host: Bill Watts

Guests: Dr Marc Allison, Andrew Webster. Prof Ian Toth, Dr Jane Thomas

Wednesday 8th July 15.30-17.00

Make technology work for you by linking it to the life and agronomy cycle of the potato season.

Host: David Wilson and Mike Storey

Guests: Jim Wilson, Paul Coleman

Thursday 9th July 15.30-17.00

Our growers in Aberdeenshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk explain how they are rising to the challenges of the season, while running local and national trials for the benefit of all.

Listen to what our potato growers are planning across the strategic farm network. Through the week we will have learnt about markets, research and commercial innovation, this session will discuss how this is being applied in the field and what we can do to progress. Eric Anderson will offer an agronomist’s perspective on how we can build better strategies towards PCN management and the latest views on alternative approaches to virus control.

Host: Claire Hodge

Guests: Jim Reid, Mike Shapland, Will Gagg, Eric Anderson


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