SPot results days and winter event presentations

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Over the last weeks we organised a new series of SPot Farm results day events, offering you the opportunity to hear the experts and help you prepare for what is expected to be a very challenging year. In this article you can find out the focus points of these events and have a look at the presentations if you couldn't attend the event or if you would like to check the information one more time.

The events were organised across the country in the following order:


SPot Scotland final results day - 12 December

SPot Farm East - 8 January

SPot Farm North results day: North Lincolnshire - 15 January

SPot Farm West Results Day: Shropshire - 16 January

During these events the results from research projects on desiccation and storage were discussed, looking at alternative methods to Diquat and CIPC.


The research projects on desiccations showed the differences between chemical and mechanical methods. On the storage research the presentations showed the result of the alternative methods and the costs that they will incur.


Discussions on residual herbicides trial, irrigation methods, dormancy and MH were also discussed during these events.


SPot East presentation: Desiccation trials results, Herbicide trial results, Future trial plans, Storage update

SPot North presentation: Desiccation trials across SPot programme , Sprout suppression update,  Irrigation trial, Herbicide season overview

How to Fuel Potato Stores Presentation: Power your farm using renewable energy resources 

You can view the full presentations below