Retail sales offset drop in food service requirement of potatoes

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

  • Free-buy price -  The large price rise seen in the free-buy price in week ending 21st March is from a further increase in packing supplies required. This has more than offset the decrease in volume we have seen for supplies destined to food service. 
  • Average price - The rise in overall average price is mostly driven by the rise in free-buy prices. However, the supply still remains as primarily contracted material. 

  • Overall tonnage has remained relatively stable to the previous week (week ending 14th March). However, this means it is still 19% higher than the first week of March (week ending 7th). 
  • It is thought that retail orders may start to slow down a little in the coming weeks if shopping behaviour returns to normal. 
  • Currently the increase in retail demand is offsetting the decline in food service so if shopper behaviour does return to "normal" an overall drop in tonnage requirement could be likely. 

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The AHDB Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) is a survey which produces indicators of the week on week direction of ex-farm prices, collected via a sample of purchasing companies, including grower groups. The GB Weekly Average Price is the average of free-buy and contract purchases bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors. The GB Weekly Average Free-buy Price is the average of only free-buy purchases bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors. The GB Weekly Average Price includes both free-buy and contract purchases. 

Introduction to the AHDB Potatoes Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS)

In this video we look at what the WAPS prices are, what they represent and how they should be used. Please click here to see the latest AHDB Potatoes WAPS prices on-line. 

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