How to promote potatoes to the end customer

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Many of you have started selling potatoes directly to the customer in order to support your businesses. If you have a website or a Facebook page you can promote the benefits of eating potatoes using graphics, videos and recipes. Here is a list of resources available that you could use: 

Potato nutrition information for websites and social media

Writing your own copy about potatoes for websites and social media? The document below is a collection of all the health claims you can make about potatoes. Everything included is approved by Public Health England or the EU, so you can use the messages with confidence!

Learn what you are allowed to say when promoting potatoes

Need pictures for social media? We've taken some of the most popular nutirtion information from the above document and created some graphics - please download them and use on social, websites or wherever you like.

Pictures for social media / website

Content from our Love Potatoes website

Our campaign Potatoes: More than a bit on the side has been hugely successful, with sales rising for the industry between 2015 - 2018 when it was most active. Across Facebook, Instagram and there have been millions of likes and shares of the exciting recipes created by top chefs that put the spud centre stage.

If you'd like to share those recipes via your own social media and websites, you can find them below. There are even recipe videos for you to embed, just let us know if you need help.

Click the links below to find:

Please follow the Coronavirus guidance for potatoes deliveries when selling directly to the customer