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Potato Weekly - 20 December 2019

Friday, 20 December 2019

At a glance

  • Heavy rain has continued this week causing more problems for those with potatoes still in the ground.
  • There are some reports of later lifted crops breaking down in store, but many have been moved early to avoid this. Crops in store will need close monitoring to ensure problems are controlled.
  • Many processors and packhouses have been working off contracted material in the run up to Christmas, limiting any uplift of free-buy material trade.

Production estimate update

  • The second 2019 provisional production estimate is 5.19Mt, with a range of +/- 159Kt.
    • This estimate is based off an unharvested area of 5.5% and a sample of 292 grower panel forms.
    • The estimated yield has risen from the first estimate to just over c.46t/ha, resulting in the increased production prediction.
  • A final production figure will be released in the New Year, when more data has been received. As further forms are submitted, we may well see the production and unharvested area figures change again.
  • The November stocks estimate will also be released in the New Year.

How tight does the GB potato market look?

  • This autumn has been the wettest across England since 2000 and the fifth wettest on record. These conditions have hampered lifting across GB, with progress particularly slow in Yorkshire and the North of England.
  • What impact might this have on supply levels for the coming season? Much depends on the sector, as this article will explain.

Christmas period

  • This is the last Potato Weekly publication for 2019. The next report will be out on Friday 10th January. 
  • On behalf of all at the AHDB we would like to wish all our readers a Happy Christmas. 
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Alice Bailey

Senior Analyst

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