Potato Weekly - 07 May 2020

Thursday, 7 May 2020

At a glance

  • Free-buy trade continues to “tick-over” for many. Depending on sector there is varying demand.
  • Although an increased number of fish and chip shops have reopened, the lack of tourist trade is causing a problem for those located in coastal regions. Shops in built up area's are generally those reporting reasonable trade.
    • The rain last week, although welcomed, wasn’t quite enough to make much difference to conditions. Frost concerns remain if cooler nights become present. 
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    Alice Bailey

    Senior Analyst Potatoes

    Market Commentary


    • Packing trade has been described as slightly higher than normal for this time of year. Packers are still utilising mostly contracted material but there is some demand for free-buy supply.
    • Demand for M Piper is reportedly good, as shoppers seem to favour it. Good quality is becoming difficult to source though.
    • Baker trade is creeping in but is described as dull for the time of year.


    • There are reports of more chip shops opening across GB. However this isn’t resulting in any increase in demand, instead diluting it across a wider number of shops.
    • The loss of tourism for the seaside trade is an issue for the sector. The majority of trade seems to be taking place in more built up areas.
    • There is hope that an ease in lockdown measures could help with tourist movement to coastal areas and consequently lift demand for chipping material.


    • Much of the processing trade remains under contract but there is some limited demand for peeling material.


    • Trade into Ireland seems to have picked up a little this week but is not back to normal levels.
    • Some peeling material has moved across the water but the majority of trade is in chipping potatoes.

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