Potato Weekly - 02 October 2020

Friday, 2 October 2020

At a glance

  • Rainfall across the country has had varying responses. Some are welcoming it as dryness was causing bruising issues, but for many it has caused lifting delays.
  • Lifting is generally continuing at pace, with growers trying to get some complete before the rain forecast this weekend.
  • Generally trade has remained subdued. Packing Maris Piper seems to be the only material making any kind of traction.
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Alice Bailey

Senior Analyst Potatoes

Market commentary


  • Maris Piper continues to take the lead this week, with demand above that for generic whites.
  • Generally retail trade isn’t reported to be inspiring, with repeat orders trickling through and contracted material fulfilling the majority.
  • There continues to be some reports of bruising, but the rain this week will hopefully provide some relief from this in the driest areas.


  • With school holidays over, the bag trade often quietens somewhat, but new curfews and increased local lockdowns seems to be taking its toll too.
  • Trade continues to be that of repeat orders. For some, it is at reduced volumes as buyers are conscious of over-buying.
  • Many have described trade as “tailing off a touch” as the week goes on.


  • Processing demand continues to be primarily covered by contracted material.
  • Small amounts of low priced processing material is being traded on the free-buy market.


  • Some low volumes of export trade continues to Ireland, but the uncertainty around the foodservice sector seems to have knocked demand a bit this week.
  • Exports to the Canary Islands are still good although slightly back this week, due to a shipping issue causing two vessels to arrive at once.
  • Expectation is that it will return to normal from next week.

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