Potato exports to the EU at risk under No Deal Brexit

Monday, 11 March 2019

Those looking to export potatoes to the EU post-Brexit likely to struggle in a No Deal situation.

The European Commission has informed the UK they are not considering the application for third country equivalence status for potatoes before the withdrawal negotiations have been completed. This would all but mean UK potatoes would not be able to enter the EU from 11pm on 29 March 2019 in the event of a No Deal.

This produces problems for many potato growers and processors as planting decisions are being made.

In 2018, the UK exported over 96k tonnes of seed potatoes with over a third of that traveling to the EU. Excluding seed, the UK exported over 162k tonnes with 93% going to the EU, mainly to Spain and Ireland. For more on the potential trade implications to potatoes, please click here.

In the event of a No Deal, Defra will resubmit the application as soon as possible, although the time it could take to be accepted is unknown. If your business is significantly affected contact BFPEUExit@defra.gov.uk.