Make the most of our top seasonal resources this autumn

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

With a wealth of resources at your finger tips, our experienced team of Knowledge Exchange Managers have selected their top resources to help you this autumn.

Thrips poster - knowing and recognising thrips in your crops

It’s important to know which thrips species are present in crops, to take into account different levels of pesticide resistance, levels of crop susceptibility and damage, potential for virus transmission etc. New thrips species are being identified in horticultural crops in the UK on a fairly regular basis and its worth having a plan in place to monitor for them, and correct identification is a key element of this.

Download or order the thrips poster


Establishing a resilient water supply

In the south of the country 2020 was another dry year in general and each year it is becoming more important to have a water supply which meets the needs of crops at times of peak demand. This factsheet highlights the key points for consideration to enhance the resilience of any water supply.

Find out more about Establishing a resilient water supply

Optimising and monitoring plant nutrition in poinsettia crops

It’s important to provide optimum nutrition for poinsettia crops to keep plants at their best, especially during bract initiation. This factsheet presents information on feeding regimes for crops.

Read the Optimising and monitoring plant nutrition in poinsettia crops factsheet

Vine weevil control in hardy nursery stock and report, HNS 195

Vine weevil is the most serious pest of container-grown HNS and with the loss of suitable insecticides for incorporation into growing media for control of larvae an IPM approach is now required. Plans should now be formulated for monitoring and control through the autumn and into 2021.

Find our Vine weevil control in hardy nursery stock report
For all your ornamental questions, contact Wayne Brough

Wayne Brough

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Horticulture (Ornamentals)

Field Vegetables

Outdoor cucurbit storage review

With Halloween upon us, will your pumpkins make it to market? If your pumpkins are ready for harvest, have a read through this outdoor cucurbits storage review to see how best to store them.  The review contains practical tips and information on pumpkin storage.

Read the Outdoor cucurbit storage review
For more information about the above resources, contact Grace Choto

Grace Choto

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Field Vegetables (Leafy salads, herbs and speciality veg)

Tree Fruit

Apple Best Practice Guide

The Apple Best Practice Guide is a particularly useful resource at this time of year, supporting you with:

Apple store monitoring – With most apple crops now picked, loaded into store and running conditions established, you may wish to review the way you monitor the running of the store and the condition of the fruit. 

Maintaining flavour in stored fruits – Over the coming weeks and months, as you prepare to open stores to grade and pack apples, you may wish to consider the best ways to maintain flavour in your fruit. 

Monitoring for winter moth adults – Adult winter moths start to emerge at this time of year and there are ways to monitor for these to assess whether you are likely to expect high populations of caterpillars next spring. 

Read the Apple Best Practice Guide here

Considering novel approaches to IPM

AHDB recently funded project TF 223 which has provided new guidance and information on IPM methods for controlling pests and diseases in apples, pears, plums and cherries.

Read the final report to learn more about the project

Soft Fruit

Managing vine weevils in soft fruit

Vine weevil larvae are active at this time of year feeding on the roots of soft fruit crops both in soil and bag-grown crops. Helpful guidance on the biology and control of vine weevils is found in Factsheet 09/18 ‘Vine weevil control in soft fruit crops’.

You can read the factsheet here

Managing conductivity in bag-grown strawberry

With many autumn strawberry crops having been planted and established in the past few weeks, you may wish to review the way you monitor and manage bag conductivity.

You'll find helpful information in our Understanding and measuring conductivity in soilless substrate grown soft fruit crops
For more information and advice about both tree fruit and soft fruit, speak to Scott Raffle

Scott Raffle

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Horticulture (Fruit)