4 steps to reduce CIPC residue levels with store cleaning

Friday, 21 February 2020

How clean is your store?

This summer's crop is likely to come out of store after the new, as yet unknown, maximum residue levels (MRL) for CIPC come into force, it pays to start preparing as soon as stores begin to empty.
Store cleaning is a fundamental part of managing a store and will become increasingly important as the industry looks to reduce CIPC residue levels in store. Not sure where to start? These four simple steps will help reduce CIPC residue levels and keep a clean store overall:

1. Keep it dry

Use a vacuum for removing loose dust, and a stiff brush or chisel to move any more firmly attached deposits in your store*. Washing with water is not recommended.      

*Treat deposits as you would any other plant protection product–wear appropriate PPE and dispose of waste appropriately.

2. Let it breathe

Let free air move through your store via open louvres and vents, so that any CIPC residue present in the store environment can be released. If opening doors, don’t leave them open for long periods to minimise risk of rodent access to the stores.

3. Catch some rays

Wooden boxes and any equipment that can be moved should be left to weather outside to encourage natural breakdown of CIPC by the sun’s UV rays. Space boxes out so that exposure to light is maximised, while ensuring that they don’t cause a health and safety hazard.

4. Write it down

Keep a record of when and how you cleaned your store. This evidence will likely prove valuable in demonstrating that the industry is taking a proactive approach towards keeping residues down.

More store cleaning guidance from AHDB's Adrian Cunnington

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Act early and start cleaning as soon as your store begins to empty. If you have any specific cleaning questions, get in touch with the Storage Advice line at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research 0800 02 82 111 or email us at sbcsr@ahdb.org.uk. Feel free to include any pictures with your enquiry.

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