DMN update: what is the situation?

Thursday, 18 June 2020

DMN (1,4-dimethylnapthalene) is a sprout suppressant currently going through the registration approval process in the UK.

Latest news:

  • DormFresh, the approval holders for DMN, are seeking clearance for the product but have advised that the process for the full UK approval they require will extend into the next storage season.
  • Following consultation with key industry stakeholders and DormFresh, AHDB is supportive of an emergency approval application to seek clearance for use of the product in the interim, and is taking action to submit the necessary documents to Chemicals Regulation Division.

It is hoped this may expedite the availability of DMN to industry but, at this stage, there are no guarantees the application will be successful or what terms and timeframes may be.

For further information on AHDB’s position, get in touch with Rob Clayton, AHDB Potatoes Strategy Director, on