Recommended Resources: crop protection in ornamentals

Sunday, 29 November 2020

With a range of material available, we asked Knowledge Exchange Manager, Wayne Brough, to recommend his top resources for crop protection in ornamentals.

Thrips identification poster

This poster will help you easily identify thrips within your crops. Download it now, or order your copy by emailing or calling 02477 990 069.

Download the thrips identification poster

Application and Management of Biopesticides for Efficacy and Reliability (AMBER)

The AMBER project is helping protected ornamentals and hardy nursery stock growers to adopt new practices that improve the performance of biopesticide products within commercial integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) programmes. It will help develop a practical system for improving the performance of currently-available biopesticides that can then be applied to other biopesticide products in the future.

Find out more about the AMBER project

Bulbs and outdoor flowers

Chemical weed control options for field-grown ornamental crops

Our recent webinar provided an update on the outcomes of HNS 198 ‘Improving weed control in hardy nursery stock production’, the Cut Flower Centre and SCEPTREplus projects including:

  • Developing effective long-term weed control programmes in field-grown hardy nursery stock and cut flowers
  • Evaluating the current herbicide options and evaluating the herbicide programmes in both field-grown hardy nursery stock and field-grown cut flowers

Hope for new control treatments for Fusarium basal rot in Narcissus

With increasingly limited options for treatment, we have been exploring alternative options for the treatment of Fusarium basal rot in narcissus bulbs. Our SCEPTREplus blog provided a short insight into the progress of the trial while the recent webinar saw a discussion of the practicalities of using chlorine dioxide in bulb dipping and share the results around how effective this technique is in reducing levels of infection, alongside any other growth effects.

Read the recent SCEPTREplus blog for an update on the trials

Hardy nursery stock

Vine weevil control

Vine weevil is one of the most destructive pest of container grown hardy nursery stock. This helpful page includes further links to our poster, factsheet and video to help with your control programme.

Visit our vine weevil pages to learn more

Practical weed control for nursery stock

Achieving consistent good weed control without crop damage is one of the major challenges facing the nursery stock grower. This guide summarises information on weed control in nursery stock in an easy-to use format.

Take a look at the practical weed control guide now

The future of weed control in hardy nursery stock

David Talbot recently spoke to us about the latest developments in weed control in hardy nursery stock.

Read the full article for David Talbot's latest thoughts

Protected ornamentals

Downy mildew on column stocks

This factsheet draws together recent research into the control of downy mildew and provides helpful advice for growers.

Find the Maintaining successful control of downy mildew in protected crops of cut flower column stocks here

Managing Bemisia in poinsettia crops

The non-indigenous tobacco whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) is a serious pest of poinsettia, especially as a late season infestation, when control options are more limited. This recent webinar provided an update on the latest information for controlling this important non-indigenous pest of poinsettia crops, featuring: plant health status of the pest, control in propagation overseas and effective IPM in UK crops.

Control of foliar diseases in autumn grown bedding plants

This webinar examined the control of botrytis, powdery and downy mildews, rusts and leaf spot diseases and the chemical and cultural methods available to keep these diseases in check on pansy, viola, primrose, bellis and other autumn bedding crops providing useful information and advice to growers.

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