BP2019: What's in store at this year's show?

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

BP2019 is just around around the corner and is designed to offer growers and the industry the opportunity to learn from and network with experts on the future of the potato sector. Here's what's in store at this year's show.

Key issues

A number of key issues will be discussed at this year's show. Here's what you need know.

The loss of CIPC

In July this year, the EU withdrew approval for the use of chlorpropham (CIPC).

As the most widely used active in potato storage, the decision means many will need to change their storage strategies in time for its withdrawal.

The good news is that there are still sprout suppressants available, but a more holistic approach will be required combining distinct methods rather than relying on a single active.

To assist in dealing with this change our Storage Research team is offering one-to-one support via the new Storage Network. Levy payers can receive a site visit from an advisor, armed with the latest research findings and trained by AHDB storage experts. The free service has been made available as part of an £800,000 of ring-fenced funding for sprout-suppression and storage support, research and tools.

Adrian Cunnington, Head of Crop Storage Research at AHDB, said: “The Storage Network has been devised in order to allow agronomists and advisors to act as proxies for AHDB storage experts, allowing people to get one-to-one advice on best practice for their potato stores.

“It’s a free consultation that will allow levy payers to get up to speed with their individual storage arrangements, to tackle the issues they will encounter following the loss of CIPC.”

Chris Yardley, of the AHDB Storage Network, said: “Storage will be a challenge post-CIPC but through the Storage Network I want to help growers future-proof their store.

Your one-to-one visit is a chance to discuss the latest AHDB research findings, enhance your Red Tractor requirements and start getting the best out of your store.”

Come and visit our stand (130) at BP2019 to book a one-to-one consultation by speaking to Emma Bates.

What else will be discussed?

Storage will feature in the second seminar on day one (11am: Storage 2020: A look at the potato store of the future) – a roundup of key issues including post-CIPC cleansing, using natural dormancy and available alternatives.

The rest of the programme includes everything from alternatives to lost actives (10am day one: No diquat, no linuron - what next? Alternatives to lost chemicals) to a look at why we farm, with two Herefordshire growers Russell Price and Martin Williams (2.30pm day one: Managing the future of your business: tools and skills for a successful succession).

Day two’s seminars are focused on the market and marketing, opening with a live reveal of our production estimate (10.30am day two).

Visit the BP2019 event page to read the full programme

What will you find on the AHDB stand?

There will be a number of tools available on our stand to help store owners and managers prepare for the loss of CIPC and in turn apply best practice to their stores.

Our Store Managers' Guide and Storage Cost Calculator provide essential guidance and information for store managers moving in to the uncertain future.

Also, here are some more AHDB tools to help with the running of your business.


Farmbench is a quick to use, confidential and fully validated tool, which helps you to identify your business strengths and weaknesses.

For example, understanding your costings will allow you to reflect and fine tune, to ensure you can make informed decisions for your future as a sustainable business which will help you to weather any uncertainty, grow your business and inform succession planning and crucial decisions for all members of your farming business.

Signing up to Farmbench couldn’t be simpler. Once you have followed a straightforward registration process, all you need to do is enter your physical and financial data relating to one production cycle.

You can find out more information on Farmbench by asking a member of the team on our BP2019 stand (130).

Variety Comparison Tool (beta)

The new Potato Variety Comparison Database integrates AHDB data on planted area of varieties together with information on market sector. Additioanlly, the database also provides disease resistance information which allows for further insights and supports decision making.

The tool enables growers to make varietal comparisons of disease resistance and quality attributes, catering to their specific market requirements. Besides this, the tool could be used in strategic planning based on the extent and change in deployment of genetic resistances by planted area, thereby enabling growers, advisers and breeders to utilise genetic resistance in an IPM approach.

The tool is currently in Beta version and at BP2019 we’ll be looking for growers, agronomists and technical managers to become part of a pilot group and help us develop the tool further before its full launch.

Potato Data Centre

We launched the Potato Data Centre (PDC) at BP2017.

Over the last two years we have been developing the tool, which allows growers and those in the supply chain to examine data on price, variety, planted area, market sector and yield.

Vist our stand (130) to speak to members of the Market Intelligence team who will be on hand to demonstrate and talk through the PDC and show how this can be of benefit to your business.

Brexit Impact Calculator

Our Brexit Impact Calculator can be used to investigate the potential impact that Brexit will have on your farming business.

A report will be generated predicting the consequences of two possible Brexit scenarios.

Visit our team on stand 130 at BP2019 and ask for assistance in entering the input and output data for your business, either by ha or by enterprise. If you do not have the data to hand, you may use the default sector averages for your business.

Next Generation 2020

Heading in to its fourth intake, the successful AHDB Potatoes Next Generation initiative aims to recuit 15 individuals at BP2019 from across the UK supply chain from all areas of the industry.

Successful candidates will take part in a one year development programme, including business and technical sessions, as well as supply chain visits.

For all of the information please on this initiative, please speak to Jimmy Phillips on our stand (130) at the show.

Industry Awards

The winners of the prestigous AHDB Potato Industry Award and the AHDB Above and Beyond Award will be announced at this year’s National Potato Industry Awards at Harrogate Convention Centre. The awards will be hosted by Potato Review Magazine on the first night of BP2019 (20 November).

British Potato Industry Award

This is a lifetime achievement award for those who have dedicated their career to the potato industry and whose efforts have benefited the industry significantly.

Above & Beyond Award

Recipients of the AHDB Potatoes Above and Beyond award can be at any stage of their career but must have made a difference to the potato industry with a significant contribution, or contributions, during the last five years.

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