AHDB Harvest Results service to return for 2019

Monday, 24 June 2019

The AHDB Harvest Results service is set to return this summer, providing an indication of how cereal and oilseed varieties have performed in trials this year.

Based on results from Recommended Lists (RL) variety trial sites, the service covers yield, grain quality and agronomic data, as well as information on disease levels.

Typically, winter barley results are the first to roll off the plot combines. Usually, these are available from about mid-July.

Regular email updates are issued throughout the harvest period. Issued most Mondays, they provide access to the latest results and in-depth analysis by variety selection experts.

Ellie Marshall, RL Lead Analyst, said: “Hundreds of trials are conducted each year to feed the data-hungry recommendation process. The Harvest Results service shows how varieties have performed in the current year. The results are analysed, along with data from several seasons, to produce the RL publication.”

The next edition of the RL (2020/21) will be launched online on 2 December 2019.

For more information on the RL and to find out how to subscribe to Harvest Results, visit ahdb.org.uk/rl