AHDB chief executive highlights progress towards the spring vote

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

In response to a letter published in the Farmer’s Weekly (22 October), AHDB chief executive Tim Rycroft highlights the positive work taking place at AHDB in preparation for next spring’s votes.

In recent months, because we are listening, AHDB has changed many things. A 30% reduction in senior roles and the recruitment of five new main board members – including four levy payers and experts in agricultural law and environmental sustainability – are two of the more dramatic changes.

Also, we have announced that levy payers will now have the dominant voice, through a vote in the Spring, in deciding what products, tools and services they get from us for their levy. They’ll also get to tell us what issues we should be focusing on and to ratify appointments to their Sector Councils.

My role, as the new chief exec, is to put levy payers at the heart of everything we do. To make AHDB accountable and transparent. To make us agile and responsive. Most of all, to ensure that at a time when farming is tough and getting tougher, AHDB’s deep well of expertise is available to serve levy payers.

To our critics who said we must change, I say, “We are changing.” See for yourself. Judge us by our actions. We have heard what levy payers have said. Now I’m asking levy payers to hear what we say.

If you have any questions about AHDB’s plans, please feel free to contact me at shapethefuture@ahdb.org.uk.

Tim Rycroft