Potatoes Lockdown Marketing Campaign: Bud the Spud content was seen over 5M times

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Between May and July this year our marketing team ran a successful campaign which aimed to keep potatoes relevant to consumers while educating them about their versatility, ease of use and health benefits.

In response to the market dynamics created by COVID-19, there was a need to create additional demand in retail and drive volume in sales to attempt to make up for some of the losses through foodservice.

Why Bud the Spud again?

Bud the Spud was part of a marketing campaign (More Than a Bit on the Side) with proven positive results. Running a new marketing campaign would have required more time and money. “Rather than spending money on creating and testing a new campaign, we preferred to bring Bud back and spend the money on advertising.” said Nicola Dodd, AHDB Marketing Manager.

Advertising channels and results

Catch Up TV 

Three weeks of adverts were run on ITV during top entertainment TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, The Chase and Love Island. Adverts were also shown during relevant food, cooking, and home shows.


During the three-week period our adverts had been seen by over 715k people.

Retailer digital posters prompted purchase

During a two-week period, digital posters had been placed outside 284 Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s stores. These posters were promoting and demonstrating versatility, convenience and the health benefits of potatoes. We took the opportunity to utilise the greater attention paid to advertising as a result of high dwell times in supermarket queues.


The posters were seen by over 570k people. The ideal location helped inspire, remind and prompt purchase whilst queuing outside.

Social media

Three channels: FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Content was a mix of recipe images, videos and Bud the Spud messages reminding consumers about the versatility and value of potatoes, and how they can be incorporated in many dishes, both traditional and contemporary.

Videos were the main method used to raise awareness, inspire and engage with users. After watching the videos, users were re-targeted with recipes, images and Bud messages to drive traffic to the website.


Our videos were viewed by over 1.3m users which resulted in over 50k visits to the lovepotatoes.co.uk website.

Additional social media content

  • Thirteen social media influencers reached 442k followers resulting in almost 12k likes, comments or shares
  • Organic and paid support drove over 148k users to the website who viewed over 231k pages
  • Posts were seen over 5.2m times (impressions) across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • 3,623 new Facebook and Instagram followers signed up