Outlook Conference 2017

The 2017 Outlook Conference, jointly hosted by AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Pork took place on Tuesday 14 February online as a webinar


You can download the presentations and recordings from the day by clicking the relevant links below:



Outlook conference 2017

Please see below for a breakdown of timings for the different speaker presentations on the rec ording above.

Beef outlook by Debbie Butcher - Livestock Outlook Webinar 2017
Beef market outlook presentation - Debbie Butcher



Lamb outlook by Mark Kozlowski - Livestock Outlook Webinar 2017

Sheep market outlook presentation - Mark Kozlowski


Pork outlook by Vikki Campbell - Livestock Outlook Webinar 2017

Pig market outlook presentation - Vikki Campbell


Feed outlook by Millie Askew - Livestock Outlook Webinar 2017

Feed market outlook presentation - Millie Askew


Brexit by David Swales - Livestock Outlook Webinar 2017

Brexit presentation - David Swales