5 exciting innovations at Fruit Logistica 2019

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Innovation was the theme of this year’s Fruit Logistica, the international fresh produce trade show. Held in Berlin in February, the vast halls showcase over 3,000 exhibitors. Here are just some of the products that caught our eye as we joined over 70,000 visitors for this year’s show.

Rubion: the automated strawberry harvester

Octinion claim the Rubion is the first commercial strawberry picking robot and can harvest around 1 fruit every 5 seconds. They argue they are achieving fast picking speeds by building the robot to replicate how people pick strawberries - by touching and snapping the fruit from the stem, not cutting it.

The robot has been designed from scratch, which they believe makes their product very cost effective.

The harvester was officially launched at Fruit Logistica. Orders are now open and the first Rubion is set to be delivered by January 2020. With rumours of one UK customer already, are on-farm strawberry harvesters becoming closer to reality?

Discover more about Octinion's Rubion


Designed to track damage caused by transport and handling, the ImpacTrack is a shock and temperature logger.

The carrier shells are built by a 3D printer to replicate the size and shape of the fruit or vegetables, so the logger behaves just like the product being monitored. The product won Gold at the LAMMA Innovation Awards 2019 and has already been used commercially by an avocado processor in the UK to spot problems in their packing process.

Lamb’s lettuce harvesting machine

Shortlisted for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019, the Slide Valeriana Eco is a full harvesting machine for lamb’s lettuce. Developed by Hortech, It has a special comb conveyor system to optimise transport.


  • 75 degree steering radius
  • Three-phase asynchronous motors without brushes
  • 48v batteries with an output of 450ampere-hours

Greenlight Grower Management

Greenlight Grower Management is a cloud-based programme to enable farmers to access, create and share cropping plans and farm records in real time. It is a centralised system to action recommendations from advisors, develop your own cropping strategy or share plans with your team.

A range of features include integrated weather forecasting, auditing against regulatory approvals for plant protection plans and financial management.

Visit the Muddy Boots website to find out more. 


Designed for tree crops and vineyards, this software is designed to provide early pest and disease detection. It uses drone imagery and artificial intelligence to create a picture of your farm to help spot potential problems. The basic package is free.

The Aerobotics website explains more about the different packages. 


Were you at Fruit Logisitica? If you spotted something brilliant we missed, please let us know by contacting lauren.colagiovanni@ahdb.org.uk.