Mix Up Midweek: The results

Since 2017, AHDB Pork has been working towards changing the perception of pork in consumer’s minds, aligning pork with what modern, busy households are looking for from their meals during the week.

Through extensive research, AHDB understood that creating meals that were quick, healthy, easy to prepare and tasty was the consumer criteria for weekday meals The assumption that pork is ‘old fashioned’ and ‘fatty’ failed to match.

By implementing an integrated marketing campaign - utilising TV, print & VoD advertising, carefully crafted recipes and  regular, constructive communication with major retailers - AHDB IS changing the way consumers view pork.  Latest evaluation results show:

  • 9/10 people claim the advert communicates that pork is a healthy food choice- the highest result since 2017
  • The campaign has delivered a return of £6.51 of retail sales for every £1 spent on the marketing campaign, equating to £12.4m of incremental revenue for total fresh pork as a result of the campaign
  • Mix up Midweek is the highest recalled AHDB campaign, nearly doubling the industry benchmark (21%), as 41% of consumers were able to recall the advertising.


Liam Byrne, head of marketing for pork added: “These latest results really show how our campaigns are shifting the dial on consumer perception.  Pork is now seen to be much more versatile, healthy and easy to cook with. This change in outlook is having a positive impact on the industry from a sales perspective, as predicted, but there is still more we can do to help protect for future generations.”