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In season lamb is hard to beat. That’s why AHDB, QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) and HCC (Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales) have come together to help highlight to consumers what sets Lamb apart in terms of flavour, as well as its versatility and simplicity as a cooking ingredient. 

A national advertising campaign, supported by TV presenter and chef John Torode, is being launched across video on demand, radio, print, social media & online. The aim is to encourage consumers, with a focus on families and older couples, to add lamb to their shopping baskets. 

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If you make a lamb dish, why not share a pic or video? Use #MakeItLamb and tell us why you love lamb. 


John Torode | Photography: Gareth Morgan



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Simply Beef & Lamb


Simply Beef & Lamb


Simply Beef & Lamb

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Why do we need your support?

The loss of food service due to the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the lamb industry, and although more meals are being cooked at home, this does not come close to making up the food service shortfall. 

It’s no secret that lamb sales have been in long-term decline, with annual reductions in sales, and as of June 2019 only 53% of UK households buying lamb. 

This campaign aims to provide a short-term increase in retail sales of lamb through advertising, whilst increasing consumer confidence to cook with lamb through digital media. 


Nutritional benefits of lamb

Lamb is naturally rich in protein, low in salt and provides seven vitamins and minerals that contribute towards good health: zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, niacin (vitamin B3), potassium, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and phosphorus. 

Red meat such as lamb is one of the main sources of vitamin B12, which typically is only found naturally in animal products such as meat and milk. Vitamin B12 helps the immune system to work normally, helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and supports normal psychological function.