Livestock Information Limited is the new company which will deliver the Livestock Information Service on behalf of AHDB and Defra

Livestock Information Limited

The Livestock Information Programme has today (October 1 2019) created a new company called Livestock Information Limited to manage the development and implementation of the Livestock Information Service.

Livestock Information Ltd is a subsidiary of The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and is 51% owned by AHDB, with Defra owning the remaining 49%. Livestock Information Ltd will work collaboratively with industry and Government to develop a world-leading multi-species livestock information service for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer to be implemented from late 2020.

Defra will be funding the statutory elements of the Livestock Information Service, while AHDB will manage the creation of new value-adding products which will drive wider benefits for the meat and livestock sector.

This process is being guided in collaboration with the Traceability Design User Group (TDUG), which represents over 20 trade and government bodies in the meat and livestock sectors.

More effective collection and use of livestock information through multi-species livestock tracing can ensure greater resilience and responsiveness to disease and improved food safety. The ability to connect data across the UK livestock sector has the potential to produce on-farm and sector-wide productivity and efficiency improvements.

The next step for Livestock Information Ltd will be to procure an initial technology platform and develop it to the point where it meets the needs of the livestock sector.

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