Your KPI Express report

The report shows how your KPIs score against industry targets and compares them with other farms. And, gives you access to resources and case studies to help make improvements.

How it works

Once you have entered your data in KPI Express, the tool calculates your KPIs (key performance indicators) and shows where you appear against the target ranges for the industry.

Your figures are illustrated so you can instantly see how you compare against the top 5%, 25% and average farms.

If you have limited time, you can select just one KPI or select all to build a fuller picture of your overall performance.

See an example KPI Express report

Get started with KPI Express

How do I use my KPI Express report? 

The KPI Express report is a great starting point to understand how your farm business is performing.

You can look at the factors that influence individual KPIs to narrow down your areas of focus.

The report will also highlight resources and case studies to help make improvements.

Share the report with your farm team to recognise good performance, prompt ideas for any changes and set targets to review in the future.