Tomato brown rugose fruit virus: Webinars and podcasts

Our webinars highlight the latest results from our ToBRFV survival and disinfection project, provide updates on legislation, and give insights on the management of the virus in Europe and Israel.

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Webinar – February 2020

Hear from Adrian Fox (Fera) on the latest recommendations from the AHDB-funded Survival and Disinfection project; from Matthew Everatt (Defra) about ToBRFV UK legislation and outbreak management; and an overview of the ToBRFV situation in Europe and Israel from Dave Kaye (RSK-ADAS).

Webinar – March 2019

When this webinar was broadcast in March 2019, ToBRFV was newly emerging in Europe, and posing a potential and significant risk to UK tomato and pepper crops, as it does to this day.

As part of AHDB's initial response, we hosted Adrian Fox (Senior Plant Virologist, Fera), Heiko Ziebell (Senior Scientist, Julius Kühn-Institut for Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics), and Sharon Matthews-Berry (Plant Health Consultant, Defra).

Watch this webinar to learn about the background of this virus, its spread, initial recommendations for growers, experiences from the outbreaks in Germany and the development of legislation for this virus.


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