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Skin Spot – Guide to Research Projects

Skin spot is caused by the fungus Polyscytalum pustulans. Currently, AHDB Potatoes funds work to evaluate the susceptibility of new varieties to skin spot, as part of its Independent Variety Trials (IVT) programme.

The reports from completed research projects on skin spot are provided below.

Completed Projects and Related Publications

A review of the biology of P. pustulans and the control measures for skin spot was produced in 2004. Select the file “R251 Control Measures for Potato Skin Spot” at the bottom of the page for this report.

Since 2004, several projects have been completed with the aim of improving the management of the skin spot pathogen P.  pustulans. The projects have focussed on two aspects:

  1. The optimum use of existing fungicide application methods and the evaluation of the potential efficacy of novel application methods.
  2. The development of a diagnostic assay that can be used to provide an early indication of stocks at high risk of developing skin spot.

Select the file “R413 Skin Spot Management-Fungicide Application Methods“ at the bottom of the page, for the final report summarising the outcomes of the work on fungicide application methods.

Results of a small, replicated trial to evaluate the efficacy of fungicide seed tuber treatments applied just prior to planting (in 2005) are available in the report “Tuber Treatments 2005” provided at the bottom of the page.

Select the file “R413 Skin Spot Management-Diagnostics and Risk Assessment“ at the bottom of the page for the final report summarising the outcomes of work to develop a diagnostic assay for P. pustulans and its use in skin spot risk assessment.

Control Measures for Potato skin spot


To evaluate novel existing fungicide seed tuber treatments


Skin Spot Management - fungicide application methods


Skin Spot Management polyscytalum pustulans qPCR assay