Potatoes: 'What do I get for my levy? brochure

£2.3m on agronomy programmes, £500k on storage research. How your levy is invested and the services it provides. Includes a breakdown of how much of the levy is invested in each area.

A ballot on the continuation of the statutory potato levy will open on Wednesday 17 February and be centred on a single yes/no question on whether the statutory levy should continue.

Use the link above to download a brochure outlining how we invest your levy, and the services it provides. The brochure includes a breakdown of the split between research, marketing, exports, education and market information investment and case studies on the impact of our work.

If you would prefer to view this information via webpages, you can find them here.

It is important that you have your say in the upcoming ballot, and that you are aware that on the ballot paper it will be a simple yes/no question about whether the levy should continue.

We are also holding a series of 'Town Hall' meetings where you can ask questions of the AHDB Board and team. To book a place please click here.