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Storage is key to potato production in Great Britain; about 3¼ million tonnes are stored every year and crops can spend as long in the store as they do in the ground.

Implementation of best practice is critical to ensure that the storage phase is cost-effective for businesses and delivers the quality that markets and consumers demand.

AHDB Potatoes has a dedicated research and advisory facility at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research where a specialist team are on hand to offer technical information and advice on storage.

The team at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research is there for all AHDB levy payers to consult for store management advice on the Storage Advice Line. Call free of charge on 0800 02 82 111 or email sbcsr@ahdb.org.uk. There is also a range of assessments and evaluations that can be offered, to assess whether your storage is performing well enough to deliver for your business.

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Potato storage is a key element of modern-day potato production, looking to fulfil the demands of many markets. It can be practised successfully but it must also be acknowledged that storage poses a risk. Its success depends on how well that risk is managed and, ultimately, whether the customer for the crop in question is delivered the quality for which they are prepared to pay.

Ensuring a store runs efficiently is a critical part of managing the potato production system. Inevitably, there are cost pressures on all components of the supply chain and, therefore, it is just as important to minimise operating costs in storage as it is to maximise returns from the enterprise.

Having good control of the store is crucial, so it only incurs cost when delivering a benefit. This control extends to such aspects as servicing and calibrating the store equipment before use, loading the store correctly, operating the ventilation system and ensuring the airflow is optimised, minimising air leakage, and so on.

Store management is a complex process and there are multiple points at which problems and inefficiencies can crop up and jeopardise the prospect of success.

Navigate through the storage hub to find guidance on the various steps of the store management process.

It should be remembered that the crop in the store came from a field where there was opportunity to influence many attributes that affect how the crop performs in store, from simple decisions, including choice of variety to more complex issues such as the impact of chronological age on dormancy break and the need for sprout suppression. Another major factor in storage success is whether the crop has an adequately ‘set’ skin, as, without this, storage of potatoes is seldom straightforward.

Store Managers Guide

Our essential store managers' guide returns 17 years after its first publication

Key information:
  • 48 page easy-read format
  • New simplified checklists
  • Updated data and graphs
  • Links to key tools: storage cost calculator and Farmbench
  • Download now, print version coming Autumn 2018
Updated advice and data on:
  • airflow analysis
  • respiration rates
  • sprout suppression
  • disease identification
  • condensation control
  • storage tempreatures
  • pull-down rates and more

Download the new version now to use as a companion to other AHDB tools, such as the storage cost calculator and the free storage advice line.

Click here to view our Disease and Defects Tool, to help identify whats effecting your potatoes.

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