Potato Defect Identification

A number of defects can arise during harvesting and storage of potato tubers.

Damaged crops cost the UK potato industry over £200/ha and care needs to be taken at every stage of the production system to minimise this cost. Planning ahead, routine maintenance and adapting machinery settings to the conditions are key areas to reducing the risk of damaging tubers and preventing avoidable defects.

Symptoms may be present at harvest, some defects can aid disease development and spread through stored tubers and some will only develop significantly during storage. 

The links below provide a guide to the visual symptoms of many common defects. At Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research we use a combination of techniques to provide a very accurate identification of the cause of tuber defects – please contact us for further advice or information.

Please view our disease and defects poster for a visual summary of what may be affecting your potatos https://ahdb.org.uk/knowledge-library/diseases-and-defects-of-potatoes-poster

Please view the gallery below to help identity what defects may be affecting your potatoes, click onto the picture or title to view futher information on the symptoms, causes and controls.