Oilseed sellers’ checklist

This checklist was produced by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, on behalf of the Cereals Liaison Group, to help growers avoid the most common problems associated with oilseed sales contracts.

Oilseed sellers' checklist

Avoid the most common problems associated with oilseed sales contracts

Before agreeing a contract

  • Grow for a market
  • Check assurance scheme requirements
  • Manage price volatility

Agreeing the contract

  • Check the price offered or calculation method
  • Understand the adjustments scale
  • Discuss possible destinations for the crop
  • Consider asking for special clauses
  • Exchange contact numbers
  • Ensure you receive the written confirmation promptly

Delivering the contract

  • Keep a representative sample of each load
  • Check lorries for cleanliness
  • Get a receipt for every load despatched

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