Arable Review: An overview of AHDB research for growers of cereals and oilseeds

This annual publication showcases the full breadth and depth of our R&D activity.

At AHDB, we invest in a wide variety of research activities related to the production of cereals and oilseeds. This publication provides a flavour of new, established and recently completed projects.

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What's inside our Arable Review?

Research on soils, varieties, diseases, weeds, pests, nutrients and quality...

This annually updated review provides an overview of the breadth and depth of current research activity. Not every project is summarised, but all current projects are listed on pages 21–23.

Our research provides a foundation for informed decision making. The AHDB Farm Excellence programme helps to bring research-led developments to life and I encourage you to get involved with this activity, wherever you are in the UK.

This year, the Arable review illustrates how research is being put into practice on our Strategic Cereal Farms, with items written by Emily Pope, AHDB Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager.

We always seek to work with others where there are aligned common goals around research, knowledge exchange, skills and marketing. Common problems require common solutions and this benefits from combining funding and expertise (and minimising duplication). Our partnership approach is highlighted throughout this review.

Finally, if you would like more information on our full range of our activity, explore our website.

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