AHDB Pest Bulletin

The AHDB Pest Bulletin, hosted by Syngenta, provides forecasts and up-to-date reports for most key field crop pests.

The forecasts are designed to provide growers with the opportunity for early intervention, to help inform pest control decisions to protect crops. 

Data is collected from various locations around the UK, giving local and reliable information, as well as historical data to provide year-on-year comparisons of pest numbers. 

The pests currently monitored by the Pest Bulletin include: lettuce aphids, large narcissus fly, brassica aphids, turnip moth, silver Y moth, diamondback moth, bean seed fly, cabbage root fly, brassica flea beetle, brassica pollen beetle, carrot fly, black bean aphid, willow-carrot aphid and lettuce caterpillar. 

Our pest monitoring and forecasting services for horticulture, also include:

Pest Blog

Pest expert, Rosemary Collier, Warwick Crop Centre, writes our Pest Blog, giving you the latest observations and updates on pest activity

Aphid News

Regional information on aphid numbers throughout the year. 

Migrant Moth Sightings

A summary of sightings of diamondback moths and silver Y moths

Diamondback moth monitoring

Data from growers' pheromone traps for diamondback moths

Syngenta Brassica Alert

Get online risk warnings for key brassica diseases in your area

Pest Bulletin Alerts

Weekly insight from Rosemary Collier on the latest forecasts and reports, direct to your inbox. Sign up here

Willow-carrot aphid tool

Try our new willow-carrot aphid migration forecasting tool.